Recruitment fraud and scam alert

Please be aware that Borouge has been receiving notices from candidates seeking clarification of job offers and recruitment propositions they receive. These job offers come from organisations or individuals who are falsely pretending to recruit on behalf of the Abu Dhabi Polymers Company (Borouge) or by people claiming to work for, or are affiliated, to Borouge. In return, they ask the recipients of the job offers to transfer a significant sum of money to pay for certain employment requirements such as visa, etc.

Please note that neither Borouge nor any of the legal organisations that recruit on our behalf ask for any money or payments from applicants at any point throughout the recruitment process. All the successful individuals who have been directly or indirectly provided with job offers from Borouge are always required to go through a formal recruitment process. All communications with this regard should originate from a verifiable Borouge email address (borouge.com) and not from an internet email addresses such as hotmail, yahoo or others.

What you need to do…

• Do not respond to unsolicited job offers from organisations or email addresses that you do not know or trust especially when you have not applied nor gone through any interview with Borouge yet

• Do not disclose your personal or financial details to anyone you do not know or trust or on a website you are not familiar with

• Be aware and look out for suspicious signs such as communications from non-Borouge email addresses, poor use of English and materials and requests for fees or money

As we extend our compassion to those who have been victimised or lost money in this way, Borouge cannot be held responsible for these scam actions.

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Leadership team

Ahmed Omar Abdulla
Chief Executive Officer,
Abu Dhabi Polymers Co Ltd (Borouge)

Ahmed Omar Abdulla was appointed Chief Executive Officer of Abu Dhabi Polymers Ltd (Borouge) in May 2016. Mr. Ahmed has spent his entire career with the ADNOC Group of Companies  and therefore has extensive experience in the Oil & Gas Industry. As a member of of the Borouge Pte Ltd Board of Directors, and previously as a Chairman of Borouge's Marketing Projects Steering Group (MPSG), he has been actively contributing to the expansion and success of Borouge since 2008. Prior joining Borouge, Mr. Ahmed was the Chief Operating Officer of the Abu Dhabi Oil Refining Company (Takreer). Mr. Ahmed holds a Master's Degree in Corporate Governanace & Leadership, and a Bachelor's degree in in Chemical Engineering. 

Wim Roels

Chief Executive Officer, 
Borouge Pte Ltd.(Borouge’s Marketing & Sales Company)

Wim Roels is the Chief Executive Officer of Borouge Pte Ltd (Borouge’s Marketing & Sales Company) based in Singapore. Having served as Board Member of the same company, Mr. Roels was appointed CEO in July 2011 to contribute to the growth of Borouge in the developing markets of the Middle East and Asica Pacific regions based on his wide experience in production, innovation and business management.Prior to joining Borouge, he was the Senior Vice President Film and Fibre at Borealis. Before that, Mr. Roels took over various senior leadership positions such as the Vice President Moulding at Borealis in 2008,General Manager for Borealis Belgium in 2002, Vice President for Polyolefin Research and Development, and Vice President Innovation and Technology.Mr. Roels started his career with Recticel in the polyurethane and phenolic foamsbusiness, and in 1989 he joined Borealis as a Technical Service and Development Engineer for moulding applications, and later as Research Centre Manager inPorvoo, Finland.Mr. Roels is a holder of an Industrial Engineering degree in Chemistry since 1983.

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